John Fitzmaurice

Business and Executive Coach

Serving clients to achieve and to positively impact their income and revenues!

John Fitzmaurice is the founder and director of coaching to Evolve. Here is his story.

“I made a transition to become a coach after my previous career, where I led and directed change. As a coach, I still lead and direct change, but by utilizing a coaching style. I am someone who uses accumulated intelligence and experience, who listens to and questions people in new and interesting perspectives. I am someone who enriches other people through coaching.

I coach because I care about helping people, about raising their awareness and seeing the insights and changes take hold. When one person changes positively, then they feel great about themselves and their career. It creates a ripple effect on others.

The feedback I get is tremendous. This is why I coach.

Over 35 years ago, I set out on a career that led me to being the coach that I am today. A significant part of that journey was leading IT change in small, medium and large businesses, and running a recruitment company. The most recent part of the journey was becoming an accredited coach, an accredited NLP Practitioner, and a member of the Association of coaching. While this has not been an easy and uncomplicated journey, I have learnt and developed much about leadership, emotional intelligence and personal life skills along the way.

At this point in my journey, I smooth my clients journeys and support them through a growth and self development process.”

We create a caring, trusting and friendly environment in which the coaches confidentially transacts and transforms in order to realize their goals and subsequent rewards. This can be at your place of work or elsewhere.

It is important that we work well with the coachee, so we offer a free 40-45 minute no obligation discovery and introductory session, where we can get to know each other.

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