John has coached me for a couple of months now and am glad to say he is still doing so. John has focused my attention on my business goals, an area, I personally was finding real difficulty narrowing down and giving it my full attention. I hadn’t any business plan; he really questioned me and made me look at what I was doing as a business. I love what I do but avoided being the business woman. I was blind to my limiting beliefs, and didn’t think I could have the business head I had to have in order to make my business successful and profitable. John helped me consider what I wanted, short-term and mid-term. I managed to become quite creative with marketing strategies and dropped my habitual procrastination with the clear focus, what I wanted, why I wanted it and what was in my locus of control. For me the meetings every week helped me as I knew I was accountable, to myself but John knew what I had said I would do for myself. John was always prepared for our meetings, his style could be serious or chatty depending on what was right for the moment. I recommend John without hesitation as he is very well trained and professional with a lot of personal experience.